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Chess classes for children, teens and adults

Rusart Fine Arts Co. is happy to offer chess classes for children, teens and adults.

Each chess lesson consists of three or more parts:

  • New information (tactics, strategy etc.)
  • Testing strategy for understanding
  • Practice games or group studies
  • During the course kids will study all possible information about chess, such as: full rules of chess, basic tactics, tricks, and strategy. They will learn most popular and solid chess openings. Every student will play a lot practice games for polishing the endgame technique. Also, students have to know and apply the chess etiquette in every game. Intermediate and advanced students have to do homework.

    At the end of every term students participate in the final tournament with the Trophy for winner and medals for all participants.

    Each course must be taken duing a semester.
    Our prices for chess classes are very affordable, just $15+GST per hour.
    Each class is 8 students or less (normally, 6).
    Rates are the same for children and adults.
    We issue tax receipts in January of each year, for the entire past year.
    Please read our policy

    To register, please email to Elena Perelman (owner) with any questions you have.
    If you're from a low-income family you may qualify for our Little Talents program and get up to 90% discount.

    Option 1 hr class
    Drop-in $18+GST
    2017 Winter Semester (Jan 11 - Mar 17) $150+GST (10 weeks, $15 each)
    2017 Spring Semester (Mar 29 - June 23)

    Wed: $195+GST (13 weeks, $15 each)

    Fri: $180+GST (12 weeks, $15 each)

    Winter and Spring 2017 schedule for chess classes (Jan 11 - Mar 17):

    5.00-6.00 pm - Children, beginners 1 (B1)
    6.00-7.00 pm - Children, beginners 2 (B2)
    7.00-8.00 pm - Children, intermediate 1 (I1)

    5.00-6.00 pm - Children, beginners 0 (B0)
    6.00-7.00 pm - Children, beginners 1 (B1)
    7.00-8.00 pm - Children, beginners 2 (B2)

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